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            1. Welcome to Jiangsu Haida Textile Machinery Co., LTD.

              HotlineCustomer service hotline:
              0510 - 8855 9911
              Haida Enterprise Promotion Video
              Since its founding in 1981,
              Jiangsu HAIDA has been committed to the development and production of stenters for textile drying and heatsetting.
              ASMA503 series stenter
              HDMA19 series stenter
              The machine’s exterior design and operating console are designed for human ergonomics and is available in industrial trend colors.
              It is mostly suitable for brushed and pile fabric.
              Haida Manufacturing
              HAIDA has an innovative research team and professional skilled production team.
              In recent years, HAIDA concentrates on the research and production of environmental protection and energy saving heat stenters machine.
              Qualification honor
              HAIDA from the initial production of profession parts to assembly of whole machine and
              from OEM to independent research and development to get own brand while the type of products trend to specialization.
              Qualification honor
              Equipment Technology R & D Center
              Qualification honor
              The fourth governing unit
              Quickly get just in time information about company news…… etc., so that you can grasp the situation in time.
              Haida exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai on 19-October 2018, The region's leading…
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